Welcome to Chynna's Kitchen

When Steven Stanley’s family members discovered they were experiencing varying levels of gluten intolerance, ranging from Celiac’s disease to gluten sensitivity, he wanted to do something to help. Through conversations with them, he discovered that there was a lot of time involved in preparing even the simplest meals. He also realized the high cost and inconvenience of finding and purchasing good-tasting, gluten-free foods. In response to his desire to help, he made it his mission to create products to fill this need.

Named for Steven’s daughter who is gluten intolerant, Chynna’s Kitchen was established in 2011 with a commitment to produce great-tasting, reasonably-priced, gluten-free convenience foods. Since 2010, when Chynna and other family members realized their intolerance to gluten, he and his team have spent countless hours researching the disease and its implications; conversing with interested consumers and professionals; experimenting with various ingredients and recipes; and conducting market research. Through this process, they have been able to create an ever-expanding line of exceptional gluten-free products. From their test kitchen and production facility in Heber City, Utah, Chynna’s Kitchen is pursuing their commitment with integrity and diligence by “cookin’ up your favorite gluten-free convenience foods!”